About Collecting Memories

Collecting Memories is an initiative of VisMedNet Association of Malta. Its mission is that of collecting memories from the elderly about traditions that are dying out and significant moments in our recent history.

The initiative started in 2013 in a Youth in Action project under the leadership of the City of Bra and at the end of the project VisMedNet continued with the initiative making it wider and larger. VisMedNet is involving young people in video making projects so that the video gallery of Collecting Memories can become more varied and interesting. Over the years Collecting Memories is also developing different strands like Sharing Anecdotes or Sharing Industrial Memories. It also forms part of the initiative of the Universal Dream Bus project that is transforming a vintage bus into a platform for cultural, educational and youth activities.

International Partnerships are being created so that these initiatives can grow into projects that bring benefit to as many communities in different parts of Europe as possible.